Forward - Lyrics

Moving Forward

Writers: James Fortune, Cheryl Fortune, Eric Dawkins, Josiah Martin, Terence Vaughn

Lead Vocals: Eric Dawkins


I’m moving forward, I can’t go back (2x)

I’m moving forward, I can’t go

I’m moving forward, moving forward

Vs 1

Feeling hopeless seems like nothing’s going my way

Giving up is never an option even on my worst day

I know that I was put here to make it to the finish

So I press on when others quit

Pre chorus

Forward, I am moving forward


Vs 2

When it seems the past is trying to stop

I’m forgetting those things that are behind me

I have got my eyes set on the prize

I can’t lose sight, I’m moving on

Pre chorus



All the sweat and the tears I cried

Had me seeing that I was born to win

Got a new destination in mind and that’s forward

I won’t stop until I get there


My God - Lyrics

My God

Writers: J. Drew Sheard, Kierra Sheard

Vs 1

I can’t help when I’m sitting thinking

About all the choices I knew I should have made

To think of how you love me

Easy to give myself to you, to you

Pre Chorus

Guys: It’s kinda hard to explain

Ladies: Just gotta take it from me

Guys: There is nothing

Ladies: God can’t use to bring him glory

Guys: Trust me He died to bring new life to you

And everybody gone know He lives one day


Guys: Who’s gonna make a way for you like my God

(Ladies: like my God)

Guys: Chances everyday for you like my God

(Ladies: like my God)

It don’t matter what they say this time

Everybody makes mistakes sometimes

Who’s gonna love you anyhow

Vs 2

Our life goes on when it seems like so much

Hit me all at once but like a rock I stand

Experience has taught me that He will never leave me, no

Pre Chorus



There’s nothing He can’t do

What seems too big for you

Is nothing, for my God

There’s nothing that can compare

When everybody leaves He’ll still be there

He’s my God tell me who’s like him

Help Me - Lyrics

Help Me

Writers: J. Drew Sheard, Kierra Sheard

Vs 1

Exposed to some things that I

shouldn’t have ever seen

My heart is tainted by what I did see

It’s caused an undesirable desire for me in my mind

Thoughts are no longer mine

How can I get control of this

I’m in a place where I don’t feel like

I am yours anymore

Lord I need your help, cause I’m dying here

Vs 2

Sometimes I felt like Job

Wanted to curse my life

Why would you give me breath

When I can’t even get this right

My mistakes hurt you

But you still give life to me, Oh Lord

When I’m with you I’m strong

And your love covers my weaknesses

Even in dead of night I can be confident

So please restore your joy

Please save me again, cause I’m dying here

Fear of judgement has kept this bottled in

It has caused a sense of bitterness

This pain has got to end

You may have the house, the cars, the clothes with emptiness inside

But you’d give it all away if the Lord would hear your cry


Help me

Help me, Help me, Help

Revealed - Lyrics


Writers: James Fortune, Cheryl Fortune, AyRon Lewis,

Josiah Martin

Lead Vocals: Minon Bolton


As we enter to worship you

You’re the King of Kings, we honor you

No one greater than the God we serve

You are high above all

Consume us with your presence now

See your face is what my heart desires

Surround us with your love and grace

Let your train fill this Holy place


We long for your glory

Please send down your glory

How we need your glory

Let it be revealed


We need fresh oil

We need it to drench us from above

Nothing else matters

Please let your glory cover us


With You - Lyrics

With You

Writers: James Fortune, AyRon Lewis, Josiah Martin

Lead Vocals: Kim Burrell


God of love, God of power

The only reason I am still here

God of mercy, your hand of grace

Touched my life

I’m forever changed

Life was so empty until you came in

When I was weak you showed me your strength

Now I’m convinced that I can do anything with you


With you I find my strength

With you I can hold on

With you I know I’m covered

No greater power than you

No God is greater than you


When I’m with you


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